Latin Name: Litoria splendida

Locailty: North-East corner of South Australia to throughout Queensland

Splendid tree frogs can be found hiding in lavatories, bathrooms, downpipes and any other damp and shady places around the house, allowing an abundance of research to take place regarding breeding, habitation and development. They are nocturnal, and will only hunt and breed at night time. The skin surface of the splendid tree frog is smooth with large glands on the back of its head. The glands, if you look closely, are pitted with tiny pores. The fingers and toes have large discs and are webbed. They are usually bright green, however, the colour can change to olive-brown.

Fact: When they were first discovered in 1977 they were thought to be giant green tree frogs until they noticed a large gland on the top of their head. This is when they discovered the new species.

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