Branching Out for Koalas

Ballarat Wildlife Park is known for its dedication to wildlife conservation and education. The park’s team of experienced staff and wildlife experts ensure the well-being and welfare of the animals in their care while actively participating in conservation initiatives to protect endangered species.

Ballarat Wildlife Park Fundraising Campaign to Plant Gum Trees for Koalas

The Ballarat Wildlife Park is thrilled to launch our new fundraising campaign aimed at planting gum trees to support the habitat restoration efforts for koalas. “Branching Out for Koalas,” seeks to address the pressing need for suitable habitat for these iconic Australian marsupials, as well as providing food for more than 40 koalas at the park.

Koalas, an integral part of Australia’s unique wildlife heritage, have been facing significant challenges due to habitat loss, climate change, and other environmental factors. The devastating effects of bushfires and deforestation have left many koalas without proper food sources and shelter. To combat this crisis, we have taken the initiative to create a sustainable habitat by planting gum trees, the primary food source for koalas.

“Branching Out for Koalas” is an urgent call to action for individuals, organisations, and businesses passionate about wildlife conservation. The funds raised through the campaign will be used to plant gum trees in designated areas within the Ballarat Wildlife Park and its surrounding regions. This project aims to create an extensive network of gum tree habitats, allowing koalas to thrive and ensuring their long-term survival. The park hopes the first planting day will take place on ‘National Tree Day”, July 30.

Purchase Gum Trees

Individuals and organisations are encouraged to contribute whatever amount they can to support the planting of gum trees and the restoration of koala habitats. Additionally, corporate sponsorships and partnerships are welcomed, providing an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Keeper and Koala

“We are incredibly excited to launch the ‘Branching Out for Koalas’ campaign. By planting gum trees, we are not only providing a sustainable food source for our koalas at the park but also restoring their natural environment. We invite everyone to join us in this critical effort and contribute towards securing a brighter future for these beloved creatures.”  – Cass Hancock, head mammal keeper for Ballarat Wildlife Park.

The Ballarat Wildlife Park will also be contributing to the fundraising efforts, by donating a portion of each koala encounter at the park.


For more information about our “Branching Out for Koalas” campaign, or to learn more about the conservation efforts of Ballarat Wildlife Park, please  email

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