Your Environmental Classroom

The Ballarat Wildlife Park encourages the use of its facilities for the educational benefit of all of its visitors. We particularly aim to provide schools with the opportunity to experience The Ballarat Wildlife Park as your ‘Environmental Classroom’. Our aim is to help students have an authentic learning experience, whereby they are able to link learning experiences they have within the school environment with those outside of it.

Hands-on learning

At the Wildlife Park there is plenty of opportunity for students to engage educationally in learning about the wildlife that is present. Around the park students can discover facts and details about the animals through observation, hands-on/ experiential learning and the information signage available, as well as through listening to tour guides and staff members.

The bushman’s hut provides a perfect workshop in a stimulating environment, for students to complete tasks and be given instructions.


Please email with any questions or for more information.

Digital Tour

QR codes are located around the park to access videos that provide information when you see the Tasmanian Devils, meet a Wombat and Koalas, see some of the most venomous Snakes of the world, giant Saltwater Crocodiles and much more!

Below are links to the videos (that can be scanned at the park at enclosures):

Penguin presentation

Komodo Dragon presentation

Salt Water Crocodile presentation

Meerkat presentation

Giant Tortoise presentation

Snake presentation

Koala presentation

Tree Kangaroo presentation

Dingo presentation

Tiger presentation

Wombat presentation

Tasmanian Devil presentation

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