Latin Name: Cereopsis novaehollandiae

Locailty: Coastal southern Australia, Tasmania and the Bass Strait Islands.

Lifelong pairs, the male generally begins building their nest in May out of grass, plants or available materials on or near the ground in tussock grasses or among rocks or low bushes. He maintains guard while the female lines the nest and maintains it, laying four or five creamy white eggs. Incubation takes 34-37 days and the goslings hatch covered with black, white and grey patterned down. Both parents guard their offspring fiercely, and will attack any animal that approaches the nest. Both parents care for the chicks until the fledge at 10 or 11 weeks of age. The female can lose up to 1/5 of her body weight while incubating her eggs. Their ability to drink salt or brackish water allows numbers of geese to remain on offshore islands all year round.

Fact: They are one of the rarest geese in the world.

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