Latin Name:  Phascolarctus cinereus.

Locailty: NSW, QLD, SA and VIC

Koalas sleep 18-22 hours a day; this is because the diet of the koala, eucalyptus leaves, is very low in energy so they sleep to conserve energy. On average a koala spends four minutes a day travelling on the ground. Koalas have a very large nose, which helps them to smell the ideal leaves at the top of a tree. A koala can smell good leaves from the base of a thirty meter high tree, so if they smell good they climb up and if not they go onto the next tree thus not wasting any energy by making it all the way up the tree and finding there is nothing to eat.

Fact: Koalas have two thumbs which gives them a very strong grip on branches, they don’t have a tail like most arboreal animals so two thumbs is very handy.


  • Lyndall and Robert Freeman sponsor Matilda.
  • North Essendon Newsagency sponsors Buttons the Koala
  • Gina sponsors Milton, Charlie, PJ and Pepper.
  • Murray Chambers Sponsors Milton.
  • The Moloney Family sponsors Humphrey in memory of Daniel de Vreugd.

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