Latin Name: Macropus fuliginosus fuliginosus

Locailty: Found on Kangaroo Island off the Coast of South Australia in Spencer Gulf.

Kangaroo Island Kangaroos live between 9-13 years in the wild and in captivity there have been reports of us to 27 years old. They are one of the most placid kangaroos by nature. As an Island species, they don’t have predators like kangaroos on the mainland, therefore they are comparatively slower moving and trusting by nature. Kangaroo Island Kangaroos (Ki’s) weigh between 20-70kgs. A male on his hind feet can reach heights of up to six and a half feet. FACT:When Kangaroo Island was first discovered, the early settlers documented that the kangaroos where so trusting they were able to walk straight up to them. The island was called Kangaroo Island and thanks for the food.


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