Latin Name: Vicugna pacos

Alpacas are four legged fibre bearing mammals with a long slender neck, large round eyes and soft padded feet with two toes. They are the most delicate looking member of the camelid family. There are two breeds of alpacas.

There are two breeds of alpacas. The Huacaya (pronounced wa-ki-ya) and the suri (pronounced sir-ee)

Their history begins over 6000 years ago when they were domesticated by the Incas, in South America. While llamas were raised as beasts of burden, alpacas were raised for their fine fleece. Due to its fineness and many desirable characteristics, alpaca fibre was reserved solely for high ranking officials and nobility.

Fact: Did you know Alpacas and llamas can successfully cross-breed. The offspring they create are known as huarizo, which are valued for their longer fleece.


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