Patrick came to the Park as an orphan after his Mum was hit by a car in 1987 and was raised by Greg Parker and his family.  At over 31 years of age he was the oldest known Bare-nosed Wombat in captivity and exceeded his normal life expectancy by more than a decade. He is most famously known for greeting visitors in his blue wheelbarrow, his gentle nature, and his “bucky-toothed” smile.

When Patrick celebrated his 31st Birthday on Sunday 28 August 2016, he was surrounded by hundreds of fans and had Birthday wishes sent from all around the world.  With over 74,000 Facebook fans, Patrick touched the hearts of many people.

Greg, Julia, Stuart and Charlie would like to thank all those who have supported Patrick and the Park and we would also like to thank all the Keepers who have lovingly cared for Patrick over the years.

Everyone dearly miss Patrick and the Park has a permanent memorial at the Park to honour him. and his Facebook page lives on with his cheeky wombat friends.

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