School Animal Adoption Program

Ballarat Wildlife Park would like to invite you to become a part of our School Animal Adoption Program.

One of our goals for 2014 is to help provide school students with the opportunity to experience the Ballarat Wildlife Park as your ‘Environmental Classroom.’ Our aim is to help students have an authentic learning experience, whereby they are able to link learning experiences they have within the school environment with those outside of it.

At the Wildlife Park there is plenty of opportunity for students to engage educationally in learning about the wildlife that is in our own Australian backyard.

Around the Park students can discover facts and details about the animals through observation, hands-on learning and the information signage available, as well as through listening to our tour guides and staff members.

We would like to encourage the children to raise the money for sponsorship themselves, some suggestions may be either through a dress up day, or crazy hair day with a gold coin donation.

The sponsorship is $100.00 in total and that is for the twelve months. Included in the package would be;
–    A certificate of adoption.
–    A fact sheet on your chosen animal.
–    A personal profile and photo of your chosen animal.
–    A discount to come through the Park.
–    A chance for the kids to meet their ‘adopted’ animal (Conditions apply).

For any further information please contact Lauren Rix on (03) 5333 5933 or

Julie with Echidna
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