Animal Encounters


Dingo Pups 10.45am and 2.45pm

Koala 11.30am and 1.30pm

Dingo 12.15pm

Giant Tortoise 1.15pm

Snake 2.30pm

Wombat 3.00pm

Cassowary (Please enquire upon arrival)

Tree Kangaroo (Please enquire upon arrival)

Tawney Frog Mouth (Please enquire upon arrival)

Animal Encounters PriceQuantity
Wombat $40.00
Dingoes $30.00
Cassowary $20.00
Tree Kangaroo $40.00
Tawny Frog Mouth $20.00
Snake $30.00
Koala $40.00
Giant Tortoise $30.00
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Animal Encounters

Cassowary, Dingoes, Giant Tortoise, Koala, Snake, Tawny Frog Mouth, Tree Kangaroo, Wombat