Ballarat Wildlife Park is pleased to announce the arrival of 6 new Meerkats to its family.  The Meerkats of Ballarat will inhabit their brand new enclosure at the Park, which includes a heated sleeping quarters that will be perfect for those cold Winter nights in Ballarat.

Make sure you book a Meerkat encounter to get up close and personal with these beautiful little ladies, running daily at 12:15pm.

Ode is the smallest Meerkat at the moment. Her name means born on the road.

Imani is a very friendly Meerkat and her name means faith.

Asha means lively. A friendly Meerkat but when food is around she will try and get the others out of the way.

Kali is friendly and energetic and therefore her name can only mean one thing, energetic.

Lulu is a shy Meerkat who tends to stay out of the way of the others.  Her name means pearl.

Jamila is our bravest Meerkat who looks after the group. Her name means beautiful.

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