Latin Name: Tiliqua nigrolutea

Locailty: Found in southeastern parts of Australia, including Tasmania and the islands of Bass Strait.

The Blotch Blue-tongue lizard is a skink with a fleshy blue tongue which is used to taste the air and scare off potential predators. It is a robust and relatively large member of the skink family (Scincidae) that tends to rely on camouflage and bluff as its primary means of defense.

The females give birth to live young (this can be up to 12 a litter) and within a few days they shed their skin and are ready to look after themselves. Blue-tongues become adults at three years of age and have been known to live for over twenty years.

Fact: The Blotch Blue-tongue is the largest lizard found in Tasmania at an average of 30cm long.

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