The Little Penguin exhibit at Ballarat Wildlife Park is an important stage of a major redevelopment plan of Ballarat Wildlife Park. In the next 3 year period, several additional projects have been identified which will form part of the masterplan and growth strategy for the Park. These redevelopments are seen as critical success factors to the future of the organisation and will assist the business to increase visitation numbers to the Park and enhance regional tourism and economic development objectives.

The Little Penguin exhibit is an exciting part of the master plan of the Park, and will see the Park become even more competitive as a regional tourism destination. The Penguin exhibit will feature a colony Little Penguins, the world’s smallest penguin species, and the only species of penguin found on the Australian mainland. Little Penguins face a number of threats in the wild, and this exhibit will allow Ballarat Wildlife Park to contribute to the conservation of this iconic species, by highlighting the plight of Little Penguins, the threats they face, and other important aspects of their conservation and biology.

The colony of Little Penguins maintained at Ballarat Wildlife Park will form part of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, Australian Species Management Plan breeding program for Little Penguins.

The exhibit includes a large pond, with the opportunity to allow visitors to come eye-to-eye with swimming penguins through a large acrylic underwater viewing window. A large sandy beach area is planted with plant species found along the Victorian coastline. Interpretive signage complements the educational aspects of the exhibit. Little Penguins will also feature as part of the Park’s daily educational animal presentations and interactive tours. These educational presentations will highlight the important conservation value of this iconic Australian penguin species.

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