The Little Penguin exhibit at Ballarat Wildlife Park is an important stage of a major redevelopment plan of Ballarat Wildlife Park and assists the business to increase visitation numbers to the Park and enhance regional tourism and economic development objectives.

The Little Penguin exhibit features a colony of Little Penguins, the world’s smallest penguin species, and the only species of penguin found on the Australian mainland. Little Penguins face a number of threats in the wild.  This exhibit allows Ballarat Wildlife Park to contribute to the conservation of this iconic species, by highlighting the plight of Little Penguins, the threats they face, and other important aspects of their conservation and biology.

The colony of Little Penguins maintained at Ballarat Wildlife Park forms part of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, Australian Species Management Plan breeding program for Little Penguins and we excited to say that we have already bred two chicks successfully under these breeding guidelines and the Park now displays 20 enthusiastic, delightful and very vocal Little Penguins.

The exhibit includes a large pond, which allows visitors to come eye-to-eye with swimming penguins through a large acrylic underwater viewing window. A large sandy beach area is planted with plant species found along the Victorian coastline. Interpretive signage compliments the educational aspects of the exhibit.

The Penguin presentation is at 12:30pm on weekends and holidays, but may be subject to change due to seasonal behaviour.  These educational talks highlight the important conservation value of this iconic Australian penguin species.


Bubble and Balthazar are the proud parents of Bruce (green wing bands) and Blue (blue wing bands).  Bruce is cautious and loves to swim and sing.  Blue likes to climb, explore and is very curious.


Both chicks spend a lot of time with our other ‘youngster’ penguins: Oswald, Badger, and Lany.

They’re are all working on their singing skills but won’t be winning any singing competitions any time soon

Group of Penguins
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