Patrick the Wombat celebrated his 31st Birthday on Sunday 28 August 2016 at Ballarat Wildlife Park. Here is a quick profile…

Patrick the Wombat is the oldest Bare Nosed Wombat known in captivity. Patrick was listed No.3 by CNN Travel as a great city mascot in the World!

Awards: A gold Medal presented by the City Mayor for turning 21years old.

Gender: Male

Personal Information
I am currently 30 years old.
On average a Wombat in the wild would live to 10 to 15 years and on average 20 years old in captivity, however I am believed to be the oldest Bare-Nosed Wombat in captivity.>I weigh in just under 40kgs.
I love riding around the Park in the wheelbarrow to check out whats going on. I also enjoy squeezing in an afternoon or even a morning nap whenever I can.

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